Our Green New Year’s Resolutions for a Healthy & Environmentally Friendly 2013

January 2, 2013

2013 promises to be an exciting year of carbon emissions reductions. Not just from the activities in the California cap-and-trade program and voluntary carbon market, but also from individual efforts being made around to globe to reduce our footprint and live more sustainably. Reserve staff members are pleased to share our green new year’s resolutions as we wish you a healthy and happy new year.


I resolve to try and use cloth diapers more often than I use disposable diapers (for my baby, not myself).
-Max DuBuisson

My green resolution is to plant our yard with native, drought-resistant plants so we minimize our water consumption.
-Gillian Calof

My resolution is to take the Expo line at least twice a week. For a car-loving Angeleno, it seems like a decent start….
-Katy Young

I got my water carbonator back this weekend (finally), so no more bottles of sparkling water for me! 😀
-Anna Schmitz

My green resolution is to maintenance my bicycle by the end of the month so I can ride it to work come springtime (because winter here is so “cold”).
-Heather Raven