How will you be green in 2015?

January 9, 2015

As we kick off the new year, we’re making our resolutions and planning for a super green 2015. As environmentalists, we’re excited to embark on a new path to reduced emissions (and increased savings)! Please share how you’ll be greening your 2015 in the comments below!

* * *
I’m going to try and commit to biking to work ~80% of the time and buy less packaged produce.
– Stephen

I’m going to mirror Gov. Brown’s ambitious plans for California and cut my petroleum use in half.
– Rhey

This year I am volunteering on a committee to help my town develop a new Energy Plan to guide the Town’s efforts to reduce the environmental impacts of energy use by government, schools, residents, and businesses.
– Max

We’re making a bunch of green improvements at home in 2015: installing a tank-less water heater, removing most of the lawn in the front yard, and planting a bunch of trees to provide shade from the LA sun.
– Katy

This is just the latest incarnation of my long-standing love for thrift stores and charity shops, but 2015 marks my first serious foray into furniture refinishing! I’ve been in the market for a new desk, and last week I found a sad little Art Deco-esque piece at my local Goodwill that didn’t seem too far off from ending up in a landfill. I’ve already put in a fair amount of time with (non-toxic, biodegradable) paint stripper. This weekend will be sanding and oiling, and it should be good as new!
– Sarah

I plan to be green in 2015 by riding my bike more often. I usually wait until May and Bike to Work week to kick off my bike riding, but when the weather is nice I plan to ride as much as possible before then.
– Gillian