CEQA GHG Mitigation Registry

The California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) GHG Mitigation Registry, a regional component of the Climate Action Reserve’s Voluntary GHG Mitigation Registry, enables companies and organizations to invest proactively in projects that will reduce greenhouse gas emissions forecasted to occur once the projects are fully implemented.  It provides a trusted, transparent resource for companies and organizations, such as land developers, manufacturing facilities, and other large projects, to reduce their carbon footprints in a responsible, consistent and accountable manner.  The CEQA GHG Mitigation Registry also enables programs and projects to utilize real, permanent emissions reductions with a high level of environmental integrity.  By investing in standardized and conservative quantification methodologies vetted by public and private stakeholders and approved by the Climate Action Reserve, companies and organizations can be issued high quality credits to reflect the mitigation measure implemented.

The CEQA GHG Mitigation Registry operates as a program under the Climate Action Reserve and serves as a complementary companion program to the organization’s offset registry.