Version 2.1

Document/Tool Description
Forest Project Protocol Version 2.1
(September 6, 2007)
Version 2.1 was a policy revision with a full public comment period and Reserve Board approval. A summary of changes from the previous version can be viewed here: Forest Protocol Summary of Changes from Version 1.0 to 2.1.
Forest Sector Protocol Version 2.1
(September 6, 2007)

The protocol for quantifying and reporting entity-level carbon stocks and CO2 emissions. Version 2.1 required inventory reporting of carbon stocks and emissions on all lands owned by the project participant.
Forest Verification Protocol Version 2.0
(May 2007)
This protocol contains the requirements for verifying projects submitted under Version 2.1.
Forest Protocol Summary A one-page summary that identifies provisions and requirements.
Summary of Response to Public Comments, Version 2.1 A summary of responses to public comments received.

Version 2.1 Workgroup Participants

California Department of Forestry & Fire Protection The Nature Conservancy
California Energy Commission The Pacific Forest Trust
Hancock Natural Resources Group Winrock International
Mendocino Redwood Company

Note: there was no public Version 2.0 of the Forest Protocol. Version 2.0 was used as an internal working revision only.

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