Forest Project Protocol Version 4.0

Document/Tool Description
Forest Project Protocol Version 4.0

(June 28, 2017)

The revision from Forest Project Protocol Version 3.3 to 4.0 involved eligible location expansion to Hawaii and U.S. territories, a new public lands baseline methodology for improved forest management projects, replacement of the Logical Management Unit approach with project area requirements for managing selection bias, incorporation of the Reserve’s standardized inventory methodology and inventory tool, and several other updates to enhance usability.
Errata and Clarifications for Forest Project Protocol Version 4.0

(May 14, 2018)

Erratum issued to correct a baseline equation.
Forest Project Protocol Summary This document is a one-page summary of the Forest Project Protocol Version 4.0 project eligibility requirements including project start date, additionality, and environmental safeguards.
Summary of Changes from V3.3 to V4.0 This document summarizes the significant revisions from FPP Version 3.3 to Version 4.0.
Quantification Guidance

(June 28, 2017)

This document provides guidance for quantifying a Forest Project’s onsite carbon stocks and carbon in harvested wood products, both for purposes of estimating a project’s baseline as well as providing ongoing estimates of onsite project carbon stocks throughout the project life.
Standardized Inventory Methodology

(June 13, 2018)

A pre-verified inventory methodology available for optional use for Forest Projects. Use of the Standardized Inventory Methodology (SIM) and the options it contains will streamline the verification process by allowing verifiers to focus more on proper and accurate implementation rather than on the overall soundness of the methodology and conformance to the Forest Project Protocol.
Standardized Inventory Methodology – Appendix B

(June 13, 2018)

Excel file containing a table listing the alphabetic species codes from the USDA PLANTS database recommended for recording tree species as a part of field sampling under the SIM. Also listed are the scientific name, common name, and USFS FIA species code associated with each USDA PLANTS code. USDA PLANTS and USFS FIA codes are both compatible with CARIT (upcoming release).
Standardized Inventory Methodology – Appendix D

(June 13, 2018)

Excel file of a sample plot card containing the minimum data fields required for plot data collected for inventories sampled under the SIM. The form may be used as is or may serve as a template to which additional fields may be added to suit the management needs of Project Operators.

Public Comment Period

California State Parks Pacific Forest Trust
New Forests The Conservation Fund

Public Comment Workshop

The Reserve hosted a webinar on April 27, 2017 to discuss the proposed changes to the protocol and quantification guidance and solicit public comment. The meeting recording and presentation slides are available below.

Presentation Slides
Meeting Video

If you have questions about the FPP Version 4.0, please send them to Sarah Wescott at [email protected].