Forest Project Protocol Revisions

Version 3.3

The draft protocol is available for public review below.

Document/Tool Description
Forest Project Protocol Version 3.3 for Public Comment
(June 1, 2012)
The Forest Project Protocol (FPP) is undergoing a technical revision to Version 3.3. The Reserve is proposing a number of improvements to the protocol based on recommendations from the soil carbon, lying dead wood, and sustainable forestry certification white papers and stakeholder comment process.  Public comment closed on July 18, 2012.  See the list of changes below.
Forest Project Protocol Version 3.3 for Public Comment – Redline
(June 1, 2012)
This version provides readers the opportunity to see where changes were made to Version 3.2.
Quantification Guidance for Public Comment
(July 2, 2012)
This document provides guidance for quantifying a Forest Project’s onsite carbon stocks and carbon in harvested wood products, both for purposes of estimating a project’s baseline as well as providing ongoing estimates of onsite project carbon stocks throughout the project life.

The proposed FPP Version 3.3 contains the following changes and revisions:

  • Clarified the definition of Forest Owner
  • Updated guidance to account for soil carbon emissions associated with management activities
  • Added guidance to account for soil carbon in Avoided Conversion projects
  • Modified the approach for applying an uncertainty adjustment to Avoided Conversion projects
  • Updated guidance to account for lying dead wood for Natural Forest Management criteria and the exclusion of lying dead wood for crediting
  • Added the allowance of a trend baseline for Improved Forest Management projects
  • Separated quantification guidance from the protocol and added the guidance to the Forest Project Protocol Resources webpage
    • Former Appendices A, B, C, and F will be made available on the Resources webpage as separate guidance documents
  • Updated guidance for the verification of carbon stocks
  • Integrated aggregation rules with the protocol
  • Limited the ability to meet sustainable forest management criteria with the canopy cover option to landowners with less than 5,000 acres
  • Added requirement for the submission of a GIS file that outlines the project area
  • Added requirement to use a Project Design Document (PDD) template

Public Comment Period

The FPP Version 3.3 public comment period ended on July 18, 2012. Public comments and staff responses to comments will be available soon.

Public Comment Workshop

The Reserve hosted a workshop in San Francisco on July 13, 2012 to discuss the proposed changes to the FPP Version 3.3 as well as the Federal Lands White Paper. The Reserve will use feedback from the workshop along with written comments received during the public comment period to inform decisions about the protocol revisions. The meeting video and presentation will soon be available below.

If you have questions about the FPP Version 3.3, please send them to the Policy Team at [email protected].