Nitric Acid Production Project Protocol Development

Version 2.1

The Nitric Acid Production Project Protocol underwent a technical revision that incorporated all errata and clarifications released since Version 2.0 was published, fixed typos and other minor edits, and revised the quantification section in response to the stakeholder consultation held in March 2016 on updating HNO3,MAX. See the document below for a complete list of revisions.

Stakeholder Consultation – Options for Updating HNO3,MAX

The Reserve hosted a stakeholder consultation webinar on March 8, 2016 to discuss potential options for updating HNO3,MAX for existing projects. Staff prepared the memorandum below which outlines the issues, potential options for protocol updates, and request for stakeholder engagement. The presentation slides and webinar video will be available soon.

Version 2.0

The Nitric Acid Production Project Protocol Version 2.0 was approved by the Reserve Board in September 2011. The protocol was revised to incorporate all errata and clarifications, expand eligibility criteria, improve verification guidance, and make general improvements to the usability of the protocol. See the summary of changes document below for a comprehensive list of changes to the protocol.

Public Workshop

The Reserve hosted a public webinar to discuss revisions to the Nitric Acid Production Project Protocol on August 31, 2011. The meeting video and presentation slides are available below.

Public Comment Webinar Video
Public Comment Webinar Slides

Public Comments

Public comments on the protocol revisions and staff response to public comments are available below.

Staff Response to Public Comments for NAP Project Protocol Version 2.0 (September 16, 2011)

Version 1.0

The Reserve began developing the Nitric Acid Production Project Protocol in May 2009. The technical workgroup met from July through October, during which time drafts of the protocol were made available for public review and comment. A public workshop was held in October 2009 to discuss the draft protocol and encourage further public feedback. Staff made final revisions to the protocol in November 2009 and it was adopted by the Reserve Board on December 2, 2009.

Public Comments

Blue Source N.serve Environmental Services
Blue Source 2 Rentech Energy Midwest
ClimeCo and The Fertilizer Institute Rhodia Brazil
Dr. Edward Bentz Terra Industries Inc
EcoChem Analytics Uhde GmbH

Staff Response to Public Comments, Version 1.0(November 2009)

Public Workshop

The Reserve hosted a public workshop webinar that took place on November 3, 2009, as well as an in-person public workshop that took place on October 23, 2009 in Little Rock, Arkansas, to provide a venue for public feedback on the draft Nitric Acid Production Project Protocol. The agenda and presentation are available below.

Nitric Acid Production Project Protocol Public Workshop – Agenda
Nitric Acid Production Project Protocol Public Workshop – Presentation

Workgroup Participants

The Climate Action Reserve worked closely with a multi-stakeholder workgroup throughout the protocol development process. The workgroup included industry representatives, federal agency personnel, NGOs, verification bodies, and expert consultants. This group of stakeholders reviewed and commented on early versions of the protocol, and helped ensure that the Reserve produces a high quality GHG reduction protocol for N2O reduction activities at nitric acid plants.

Ammonium Nitrate / Nitric Acid Producers Group (ANNA) The Fertilizer Institute
Blue Source, LLC N. Serve Environmental Services
California Air Resources Board Orica Canada Inc.
ClimeCo America Corporation Terra Industries Inc.


Scoping Meeting agenda
Scoping Meeting presentation

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