Landfill Project Protocol Revisions

The U.S. Landfill Project Protocol is undergoing a policy revision to Version 5.0. The protocol revision will include reassessing the Version 4.0 Performance Standard Test, incorporating previously released errata and clarifications, and updating language and protocol guidance concerning reporting periods, verification periods, crediting periods, and QA/QC.

Public Scoping Webinar

The Reserve hosted a public webinar on October 10, 2018 to discuss a number of specific potential update ideas, and to solicit information and feedback from interested stakeholders. Please see the presentation slides and meeting video below.

Protocol Workgroup

The protocol is being revised through the Reserve’s multi-stakeholder workgroup process. The workgroup application period has closed, and workgroup member organizations will be listed here soon. The Workgroup Statement of Interest form is available below for information purposes only.

Workgroup meetings will be open to the public. Interested stakeholders can join the workgroup calls as an “observer” and listen to the workgroup discuss important issues for protocol development. Observers will not have the ability to participate in calls but will be able to stay informed by listening to the conversations as they unfold. If you would like to participate as an observer and receive workgroup meeting notices, please email [email protected].

Workgroup Meetings

Workgroup Meeting 1
November 15, 2018

Protocol Development Timeline

Below is a tentative timeline for protocol development. The Reserve will update this timeline as needed.

Public Scoping Webinar October 10, 2018
Convene Workgroup (WG) & Staff Begins Update Analysis October 2018
1st WG Meeting (Webinar) Early November 2018
Staff Begins Drafting – Working with WG November 2018
2nd WG Meeting (Webinar) to Review Draft Late December 2018 – early January 2019
Staff Revises Draft – Incorporating WG Feedback January 2019
Public Comment Period January – February 2019
Public Comment Meeting (Webinar) February 2019
Staff Revises Draft – Incorporating Public Feedback February – March 2019
Final Protocol Adoption by Reserve Board April 2019