Climate Action Reserve becomes parent organization to the California Climate Action Registry and two other programs

April 2, 2009

New organizational structure supports national and international growth

SAN DIEGO, CA – The Climate Action Reserve announced it has become the successor organization to the California Climate Action Registry, formerly a private nonprofit organization committed to solving climate change through emissions reporting and reduction. The Reserve has now filled the role of being the parent organization – with private nonprofit status – working to ensure environmental benefit, integrity and progressive movement in greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions reductions and policies, and the California Climate Action Registry is a program under its umbrella.

The organizational evolution is the final step in the process of transitioning the California Registry out of GHG emissions inventory reporting. Any success in reporting and reducing emissions must be based on consistent data in an integrated system that stretches beyond California’s borders, and to support this, the California Registry is transitioning all emissions reporting to its sister organization, The Climate Registry. However, the California Registry will continue operating as a program under the Reserve that supports its members and represents them to the State of California.

In addition to the California Registry, two other programs belong to the Climate Action Reserve. The Center for Climate Action program operates under the mission of advancing climate policy. The Climate Action Reserve program was launched May 2008 and is the premiere carbon offset registry for the U.S. carbon market. Under the scope of the Climate Action Reserve parent organization, these programs are able to operate on national and international levels. This is a reach unable to be attained previously.

The introduction of the Climate Action Reserve nonprofit organization is a milestone event. It illustrates expansion of our mission and goals and the recognition of our work. It also represents a new world of opportunity in which high standards for environmental benefit, integrity and credibility are ensured in an offset market across the U.S. and beyond its borders,” said Linda Adams, Chair of the Climate Action Reserve Board of Directors and Secretary of the California Environmental Protection Agency.

The Climate Action Reserve is a U.S. private nonprofit organization representing international interests in addressing climate change and bringing together participants from the government, environment and business sectors. It works to ensure environmental benefit, integrity and transparency in greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions accounting and reduction and progressive movement in GHG emissions policy nationally and in the Western U.S. The Climate Action Reserve is parent to three programs, the California Climate Action Registry, Climate Action Reserve and Center for Climate Action. As the subsequent organization of the California Climate Action Registry, the Climate Action Reserve continues building on the California Registry’s reputation as a respected and internationally recognized leader in climate change issues.

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