Climate Action Offsetter: Chevrolet’s Carbon Reduction Commitment

July 2, 2012

written by Chevrolet

At General Motors, we believe that we need to increase fuel economy and reduce carbon dioxide emissions as far across the spectrum as possible. That is why we are developing more fuel-efficient vehicles that fit customers’ lifestyles, and striving to increase energy efficiency and use of alternative energy resources throughout our operations.

While we are making good progress in reducing our environmental impact, we are always looking for new and innovative ways to do more. The Chevrolet carbon-reduction initiative is an example of this approach. After all, the solution to environmental challenges goes beyond vehicles.

Chevrolet, our largest brand, made a bold carbon-reduction commitment in November 2010 to connect with Chevy customers through greenhouse-gas reducing projects in local communities here in America. Chevy now has 16 carbon-reduction project agreements in place around the nation, accounting for half of its 8 million metric ton goal, with more projects to be announced soon. This goal was based on the estimated emissions from the 1.9 million Chevy vehicles sold and driven in the United States in roughly a one-year period.

To give you an idea how much 8 million metric tons is, according to, it equals the CO2 emissions of one year of electricity use in 970,874 homes. Or, the annual carbon dioxide reduction from 1.7 million acres of pine forest.

We have focused our investments in community-based programs that will reduce greenhouse gas emissions through energy savings, renewable energy and conservation. For example, Chevy is supporting three landfill methane capture and combustion programs in Kentucky, North Carolina and Maryland. Chevy is also helping a greenhouse that grows gardening plants in Huntersville, N.C. replace natural gas with renewable biomass. It’s also supporting a 108-turbine wind farm, including seven community-owned wind turbines, that provides rural farmers and residents with locally generated power and financial returns.

From the start of this initiative, Chevy has engaged with environmental experts, non-government organizations and academics through the Climate Neutral Business Network to guide and inform the investments. The nonprofit Bonneville Environmental Foundation is helping find and support the projects. Their expertise and guidance has enriched the program in many ways.

We know a lot more needs to be done, but we feel that investing in these projects is a positive step for our environment and for local communities. Learn more about Chevy’s voluntary carbon-reduction initiative and show your support by planting a virtual tree on your Facebook wall.

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  • Becky Strauss says:

    Good to hear that Chevy is supporting such great environmental endeavors. I’m glad that in addition to efficient fuel economy (like the Volt!) that Chevy is looking to do more for our climate. Thanks Chevy!

  • sos says:

    This is a great initiative! Emissions from our personal on-road travel is a major contributor to California’s overall emissions profile (ie lots of cars make it smoggy). It’s good to see companies in the sector are voluntarily doing a little extra to cater to this growing environmentally conscious market segment. This type of initiative really helps shine the light on some great work and great ideas, which are taking root all over the country (and wider). This type of buy in to carbon markets also helps grow confidence in what is still an emerging marketplace. Good work Chevrolet! With a little extra due diligence, they may even be able to turn a profit, for instance by investing in Climate Action Reserve projects that transition into California’s compliance cap and trade market.

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