Mexico Environment Undersecretary joins Climate Action Reserve Board of Directors

January 30, 2014

Undersecretary for Environmental Policy and Planning Rodolfo Lacy Tamayo strengthens the Reserve’s commitment to advancing environmental initiatives in Mexico

SACRAMENTO, CA – Rodolfo Lacy Tamayo, Mexican Undersecretary for Environmental Policy and Planning, has been elected to the Climate Action Reserve Board of Directors.  He takes the seat previously held by Dr. Francisco Barnes, former President of Mexico’s National Institute of Ecology.  The addition of an executive from Mexico’s Secretariat of Environment and Natural Resources further strengthens the Reserve’s collaboration with the Mexican federal government on environmental activities and commitment to advancing cross-border initiatives.

“We have been very honored and appreciative to have a long-standing presence from the Mexican government on our Board of Directors.  And, now we are extremely fortunate to have the involvement of Undersecretary Lacy.  He has achieved a long list of environmental accomplishments in Mexico and Mexico City, and his guidance will be invaluable to the Reserve’s ongoing work in Mexico and in cross-border initiatives between Mexico and California,” said Linda Adams, Chair of the Climate Action Reserve Board of Directors and Founding Partner of Clean Tech Advocates.

Undersecretary Lacy was appointed to his current position in December 2012.  Prior to that, he served as the Program and Projects Coordinator in the Mario Molina Centre for eight years and as the Chief of Staff for the Minster of Environment and Natural Resources of the federal government.  During his career, Undersecretary Lacy developed several pioneering environmental programs and systems on national and city levels.  While serving as the Executive Director for Strategic Projects for the Environmental Engineers Association of Mexico, he coordinated a team of international experts to develop the new Mexican regulation for air quality monitoring systems and led the pilot project “Environmental Management System” for the most important airports in northern Mexico.  As the Director of Environmental Studies for Mexico City, he was responsible for the first comprehensive Air Pollution Program in the Metropolitan Area of Mexico City, and he structured and edited the first National Ecological Program and the first State of the Environment Report for Mexico while serving as the Director of Environmental Planning for the Ministry of Ecology and Urban Development.

“I have followed the Climate Action Reserve’s forestry and livestock work in Mexico and been impressed by the organization’s standards, ability to convene stakeholders and commitment to quality. I am pleased to join the organization’s Board of Directors and be a part of this ongoing work and ventures into new areas,” said Undersecretary Lacy.

Please visit the Climate Action Reserve website to learn more about the organization and its Board of Directors.

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