Infographic: Rice Cultivation in California Cap-and-Trade

July 6, 2015

The California Air Resources Board (ARB) recently adopted the Compliance Offset Protocol Rice Cultivation Projects, which provides standardized methodologies for quantifying reductions in methane emissions from flooded rice fields.┬áThis is the first crop-based protocol in California’s program, and we are excited for rice farmers to have the opportunity to participate in California’s carbon market and earn a new revenue source while advancing climate solutions.

The Reserve participated in the protocol development and public comment process to help inform and serve as a reference for the complete, transparent, accurate, and conservative quantification of GHG emission reductions associated with a rice cultivation project. The Reserve is proud of the work we put into the development of the rice protocol and we support the current iteration for use in California’s compliance offset program.

For a quick overview of rice cultivation in California’s compliance offset program, please check out our handy infographic.

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