Climate Action Offsetter: GreenPrint Reduced Emissions Fuel Programs

June 5, 2016


By GreenPrint

GreenPrint came to life as founder, Pete Davis, and Co-Founder, Trenton Spindler, recognized the importance of protecting our environment, but also realized that today’s consumers are increasingly directing their purchasing power toward companies that give back, support their communities, and take active measures towards improving the quality of our environment. At GreenPrint, our goal is to enable consumers to drive their cars and live their everyday lives without leaving a carbon footprint or minimizing their carbon footprint. We develop and operate low carbon and reduced emissions fuel programs through our patent protected platform with an initial focus on the retail gasoline, fleet, and consumer product industries.

Additionally, today, businesses feel pressure to provide sustainable solutions. We help businesses respond to these pressures and create a net-positive impact on our environment while increasing sales, practicing social responsibility, promoting sustainability, and creating a competitive advantage.

Our focus is on the fuel industry, and the more than 250 million vehicles on the road. We partner directly with companies and consumers to help mitigate the impact of all of the pollution that comes with those vehicles. For example, the Strive Fuel program is currently offered at ALON 7-Eleven gas station and convenience stores across 4 states. Another example is the Ricker’s Replenish program, currently offered at Ricker’s convenience stores in the Indianapolis Metro area. In addition to reducing emissions, these programs focus on improving the environment of each local community as well by supporting and volunteering for greenscape and tree planting projects. Our clients include municipal and commercial fleet managers and petroleum retailers across the world. We calculate customers CO2 emissions per gallon, and neutralize those emissions by planting trees and making investments in carbon-offset projects like those listed on the Climate Action Reserve.

Just this year, GreenPrint has been able to offset more than 23,487 metric tonnes of carbon and counting. As an added bonus, communities where our clients operate benefit from local tree planting projects where we’ve been able to plant over 4,000 trees. Thanks to our global partnership with the Arbor Day Foundation, we anticipate supporting the planting of 50,000 trees in 2016. The engagement in each community has been astounding, as we bring together consumers, corporate and community leaders for tree planting projects in parks, along rivers, and in neighborhoods. GreenPrint is addressing climate change, planting trees, supporting local communities, and investing in renewable energy one gallon at a time.

GreenPrint’s programs have experienced an enormous amount of positive feedback, and we look forward to continuing to partner with companies and consumers to drive the total number of metric tonnes of carbon reduced and take active steps to care for our environment.

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