How we spent the first Earth Day of the Trump Administration

April 26, 2017

As employees of a climate nonprofit, we heed the philosophy that Earth Day is everyday. But, we wanted to take special note on Earth Day 2017, the first such of the Trump Administration to celebrate our Earth. From enjoying nature outside and traveling by green transportation, to composting at home and making thoughtful choices about energy use, we choose to make smarter choices. We can make protecting air, health, and climate a priority in every aspect of our lives, not just on April 22, but every day.

IMG_6950 I went on a hike on the Bay Trail at Seal Point Park in San Mateo.

– Cindy

bikesharetoronto I spent Earth Day visiting Toronto for the first time. Although I arrived and departed on airplanes, I didn’t set foot in an automobile the entire weekend. They have a lovely express train from the airport into the city. On Saturday we spent the day checking things out on foot, as well as using bikes from the Toronto Bike Share. We also had dinner at a restaurant which features significant local ingredients and adapts its menu to the local growing season.

– Max

IMG_6951 I went car-free on Earth Day and enjoyed an extended walking tour of San Francisco, marveling in  the city’s walkability and urban forestry. We walked through Chinatown, Telegraph Hill, North Beach, Fisherman’s Wharf, Russian Hill, and Nob Hill. With the recent rains, the trees and gardens were quite lush, helping provide shade, comfort, and the glorious scenery that often spurs deep contemplation.

– Lauren

Trevor Earth Day Blog Photo I spent Earth Day going on an outdoor adventure in San Francisco with friends from my NJ hometown who moved to the Bay Area a few years back. The three of us hiked a trail off the beaten path in Lands End that hugged the northwestern coast of the city, offering stunning views of the ocean, rugged coastline, surrounding forest and Golden Gate Bridge! We couldn’t think of a better place to catch up than the great outdoors. We also worked together to collect trash along the way, “‘Cause”, in the words of Captain Planet and the Planeteers,

“saving our planet is the thing to do,
Looting and polluting is not the way,
Hear what Captain Planet has to say:


– Trevor

 heather-earthday I opted to use the least amount of energy possible on Earth Day. After a busy work week, I just wanted to stay inside and relax, so I decided to open windows and not run the air conditioner (on a 94 degree day!), use only one lamp at night, read a book instead of turning on the TV, and eat greens instead of using natural gas or electricity to cook dinner. Energy-saving tips that I’ll use more often! (Although, I might only be able to handle so many hot days in Los Angeles…)

– Heather

 IMG_4155 On this Earth Day, in between work emails I turned my compost windrows, topped up my worm bins with kitchen food scraps, counted tadpoles in my rain catches, walked with dogs in our local nature reserve, & picked wild flowers with my little girl Ariel!

– Sami

 IMG_6897 I planted some tomato seeds in an effort to both get closer to nature and it’s fruits, and also prepare for the apocalypse.

– Rhey

amy-earthday On Earth Day, I hiked (and “climbed”) Ladder Canyon and Painted Canyon Trails in Southern California. The trail starts by navigating through the canyon along the lower path, then using ladders to climb your way up, and, finally opening to the scenic views from above. Beautiful and fun way to spend Earth Day or any day!

– Amy

teresa-earthday This Earth Day, after a fantastic NACW (and lots of time spent indoors at the conference), I was craving some fresh air and nature. So after flying home from San Francisco earlier that morning, and seeing California’s incredible superbloom from the airplane (!!!), I decided to go for a hike on the nearby Palos Verdes Peninsula to check out our local superbloom. The wildflowers are absolutely incredible, and the views of the ocean and Catalina Island from lands under conservation by the Palos Verdes Land Conservancy, were breathtaking. It’s pretty impressive how much land PVLC has been able to protect on a peninsula known for multi-million dollar homes and the local International Trump Golf Course, and it was a great reminder of how important it is to get out and enjoy nature, helping me recharge, as well of how important land conservation is!

– Teresa


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