Making the New Year greener – our New Year’s resolutions for 2018

December 26, 2017

We’re happy to share our green New Year’s resolutions for 2018! As environmentalists, we try to be as sustainable and eco-friendly as possible. Upon the dawn of the new year, we’ll be ramping up our efforts by adding additional green initiatives to our lifestyles.

My green resolution is to not accept any plastic bag when I purchase anything from a store. Instead, I will make sure to bring my own reusable bags.

– Bety

Making my entire yard more sustainable:
• Continuing installation of a micro tubing watering system to reduce watering (and energy) requirements
• Planting drought tolerant plants, with the idea of shutting off or severely limiting water once established.
• Using a top-of-the-line energy efficient pool cover to reduce water losses
• Maintaining my aging solar thermal system
• Maximizing efficiency of super-efficient pool pump
• Continuing switch to all LED lighting as older technologies break and need replacement
• Install more motion sensitive light switches
• Continue my hopeless training of the rest of the family to watch their energy consumtion
• Ride my bike more

– Craig

I guess mine would be to be as environmentally conscious as possible when purchasing items for the baby! Purchasing products that are sustainable and reusable, products made from recycled materials, and when possible, compostable products.

– Heather

My green New Years resolution is to become “zero-waste,” aka not producing any trash or waste by using reusables, saying no to plastic/single-use disposables, etc.

– Nancy

  This year I plan to get more involved in local environmental initiatives like beach cleanups and tree plantings.

– Amy

  I’ll try bringing my own tupperware when I eat out at restaurants to avoid using disposable containers for any leftovers.

– Rhey

Go from 2-car family to one-car family and utilize public transportation as much as possible.

– Stephanie


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