Infographic: Achieving Climate Benefits Through Improved Nitrogen Management

January 24, 2019

In October 2018, the Climate Action Reserve Board of Directors approved the updated Nitrogen Management Project Protocol Version 2.0, which widens the applicability of the protocol to new crops, geographies, and nitrogen management practices. The protocol allows farmers to earn carbon offsets for achieving reductions in nitrous oxide (N2O) emissions through reductions in nitrogen fertilizer application and application of enhanced efficiency fertilizers on cropland.

Nitrous oxide, a byproduct of fertilizer application on agricultural lands, has a global warming potential 298 times that of carbon dioxide. In the US, agricultural N2O accounts for 76.7 percent of total N2O emissions and 4.4 percent of total greenhouse emissions. Our nation’s farmers play a crucial role in providing food for communities across the country, and with our Nitrogen Management Project Protocol, farmers will also be able to play a crucial role in advancing climate solutions.

Learn more about our Nitrogen Management Project Protocol via our infographic below!
(Click here to download the pdf version)

For more information about the protocol, please visit:

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