Reserve launches process to develop China Adipic Acid Production Protocol

January 30, 2023

The Climate Action Reserve is excited to announce it is kicking off the development of the China Adipic Acid Production Protocol by incentivizing the installation of N2O abatement technology at adipic acid production facilities in China. Carbon offset credits issued under this protocol will financially support and incentivize the destruction of N2O rather than it being passively vented to the atmosphere.

The Climate Action Reserve is the most trusted, efficient, and experienced offset registry for global carbon markets. A pioneer in carbon accounting, the Reserve promotes and fosters the reduction of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions through credible market-based policies and solutions. As a high-quality offset registry for voluntary carbon markets, it establishes rigorous standards and issues carbon credits under those standards. The Reserve also supports compliance carbon markets and serves as an approved Offset Project Registry for the State of California’s Cap-and-Trade Program. The Reserve is an environmental nonprofit organization headquartered in Los Angeles, California with satellite offices around the world.

The China Adipic Acid Production Protocol, as with all Reserve protocols, will go through a transparent stakeholder driven protocol development process, comprised of expert technical workgroup drafting, ongoing public consultation, and a review of the protocol by the Reserve Board of Directors for adoption. The Reserve strongly encourages industry experts and participants, as well as local community stakeholders, to become involved in the protocol development process. Interested parties can contact [email protected] for more information.

Updates on the protocol development process can be found here.

气候行动组织(CAR) 启动制定中国己二酸碳减排方法学

气候行动组织很高兴地宣布,它将通过鼓励在中国的己二酸生产企业运用先进的N2O减排技术达到高效的减排目标来启动中国己二酸的碳减排方法学的制定。 基于该方法学认证发行的碳抵消信用可给减排项目提供财政上的支持,因此将积极促进中国目前大量排放的N2O被销毁。

气候行动组织是全球碳市场最值得信赖、最高效、最有经验的抵消注册机构。 作为碳核算的先驱,储备通过可靠的基于市场的政策和解决方案促进温室气体 (GHG) 排放的减少。 作为自愿碳市场的高质量抵消注册机构,它建立了严格的标准并根据这些标准颁发碳信用额度。 该注册机构还支持合规碳市场,并作为加利福尼亚州限额与交易计划的经批准的抵消项目登记处。CAR是一个环境非营利组织,总部位于加利福尼亚州洛杉矶,在世界各地设有办事处。

与所有 CAR的方法学一样,中国己二酸碳减排方法学将经历一个透明的利益相关者驱动的方法学开发过程,包括专家技术工作组起草、持续的公众咨询以及 CAR 董事会对方法学的审查直至批复。 CAR强烈鼓励行业专家以及所有利益相关者参与方法学制定过程。 有兴趣的人士可以联系 [email protected] 了解更多信息。


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