Maximizing Environmental Value from Sustainable Agriculture

Sustainable agricultural activities can play a major role in slowing the rate of climate change. Specifically, offsets can provide long-term financial incentives for farmers and landowners to transition towards more sustainable and profitable farming systems. Scientific studies show that sustainable management of agricultural lands can reduce emissions of CO2, CH4 and N2O, and experience from growers has shown sustainable management can be productive and efficient. Offsets offer the opportunity to create another source of income from farming operations and also provide an opportunity for corporations to support growers’ actions and be an important part of this solution. In this LIVE SERIES/NACW Virtual Series webinar, experts from the ag sector speak to the opportunities and future of offsets on agricultural lands.


Katie Sullivan
Managing Director, IETA

Ed Smith
Vice President & Head of Carbon Markets, Indigo Ag

Robert Parkhurst
President, Sierra View Consulting

Russell Hedrick
Founder, Southern Seeds and Feed

Tim Faveri
Vice President Sustainability and Shared Value, Maple Leaf Foods