Open an account

All project developers, verification bodies, traders, brokers, and retailers must register for a Reserve user account. Each approved account will receive an Account Manager login; the Account Manager will then be able to create logins in the system for other account users in your organization.

Before opening an account, please review the following:
Open an account

The following steps are required to open an account. Instructions are also provided during the process via the link above.

  • Agree to the Reserve Terms of Use.
  • Complete the online New Account Application form.
  • Upon completing the New Account Application form and clicking Submit for Approval, the Account Manager will receive an email notification to activate the account. This activation must occur before the Reserve Administrator is notified of your pending account.
  • The Reserve Administrator will review the New Account Application form and request the required documentation for approving the account. If the New Account Application is complete and approved, an email notification describing account approval will be sent to the designated Account Manager email address provided in the New Account Application form. If materials are incomplete or additional information is required, the Reserve Administrator will notify the Account Manager.
  • Approved accounts may begin using all functions of the system available to their User Type.
  • Accounts will be billed for the Account Setup Fee when the account is approved. Once the invoice is created, the Reserve sends the Account Manager an email notification with the invoice and payment details. The invoice is also made available online via the “My Invoices” report within the Reserve for downloading and printing. Invoices must be paid in 30 days. Failure to pay will result in account inactivation. Note: Verification Bodies will NOT owe the Account Setup Fee or annual Account Maintenance Fee.

If you have any questions about the registration process, please contact the Climate Action Reserve Administrator at (213) 891-1444 ext. 3 or email [email protected]. To complete the online New Account Application form, select an account type (a new window will open).