U.S. Adipic Acid Production Protocol

The U.S. Adipic Acid Production Protocol provides guidance on how to quantify, monitor, report, and verify nitrous oxide (N2O) emission reductions at adipic acid production facilities. The protocol was adopted by the Reserve Board of Directors in September 2020.

Project Registration Documents

Document Description Required Phase Privilege
Adipic Acid Production Project Submittal Form A proposal to undertake an adipic acid production project. Project Submittal Public
Project System Diagram Diagram of the adipic acid plant showing where the project is located within the adipic acid plant. Verification Private

Protocol Development

The protocol development process for the U.S. Adipic Acid Production Protocol involved a multi-stakeholder workgroup, public comment period, and responses to public comments. For more information, please visit:

Please contact [email protected] with questions or comments.