U.S. Rice Cultivation Protocol Development

Version 1.1

The U.S. Rice Cultivation Protocol underwent a technical revision to incorporate errata and clarifications released since the adoption of Version 1.0, as well as editorial changes to improve the usability of the protocol and clarify guidance in many sections of the protocol. See the summary of changes document below for a complete list of revisions made to the protocol.

Version 1.0

The Reserve began scoping agriculture protocols in October 2010 and began actively developing the U.S. Rice Cultivation Protocol in January 2011. The technical workgroup met from January to October 2011 to refine the draft protocol. A public workshop was held in late October to discuss the draft protocol which was available for public comment through October and November. The final protocol was approved by the Reserve Board on December 14, 2011.

Public Comments

California Agriboard, LLC Debbie Reed
California Climate & Agriculture Network Deloitte Consulting LLP
California Rice Commission Michael Wara
Christina Tonitto The Climate Trust
Climate Wedge Ltd. U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

Public Workshop

The Reserve hosted a public workshop in Sacramento, CA, on October 24, 2011 to provide a venue for feedback on the draft U.S. Rice Cultivation Protocol. The workshop materials are available below.

Reserve Presentation
Meeting Video


California Rice Commission NRG Energy
Carbon Solutions America Terra Global Capital
Deloitte Consulting Trinity Carbon Management, LLC
Environmental Defense Fund UC Agriculture and Natural Resources
ibLaunch Energy, Inc. U.S. Department of Agriculture, Natural Resources Conservation Service
National Wildlife Federation U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
Workgroup MeetingsWorkgroup Meeting 4
Tuesday, October 4
Reverse Presentation
Meeting Video

In Person Workgroup Meeting: Los Angeles
Monday, June 6, 2011
Reserve Presentation
U.S. Rice Cultivation Protocol Version 1.0 Workgroup Draft (June 2, 2011)
References for U.S. Rice Cultivation Protocol Version 1.0 Workgroup Draft (June 2011)

Workgroup Meeting 2
Wednesday, May 11
Reserve Presentation
Meeting Video

Kick-Off Meeting
Monday, February 7
Reserve Presentation
Meeting Video


General agriculture protocol development background papers are available below.