Argentina Livestock Protocol Development

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Version 1.0

The Climate Action Reserve is kicking off the development of the Argentina Livestock Protocol, which will provide guidance on how to quantify, monitor, report, and verify greenhouse gas emission reductions associated with installing a manure biogas control system for livestock operations, such as dairy cattle, beef cattle, and swine farms, in Argentina.

The livestock sector contributed 21% of Argentina’s national GHG emissions in 2019. Argentina is the second largest consumer of meat per capita in the world, and as of 2019, it is estimated that there are more than 80 biodigester plants of different sizes, technologies, uses, and applications, only 16 of which are located at livestock operations. According to the National Survey of Biodigesters, the primary reason for the lack of biodigesters at livestock operations is due to few opportunities for a return on investment and skepticism of biogas as an energy source. With the development of the Argentina Livestock Protocol, carbon credits will seek to overcome these obstacles and incentivize the capture and destruction of methane that would otherwise passively vent to the atmosphere.

The Argentina Livestock Protocol, as with all Reserve protocols, will go through a transparent stakeholder driven protocol development process, comprised of expert technical workgroup drafting, ongoing public consultation, and a review of the protocol by the Reserve Board of Directors for adoption. The Reserve strongly encourages industry experts, as well as local community stakeholders, to become involved in the protocol development process. Interested parties can contact at [email protected] for more information.

Local Stakeholder Engagement

The Reserve seeks to engage stakeholders throughout the Argentina Livestock Protocol development process to identify and incorporate applicable laws, norms, and conditions applicable to the livestock industry in Argentina. All stakeholders interested in the protocol process, please complete the following Local Engagement form below and submit it to [email protected] to help ensure that you receive the appropriate notifications for public engagement opportunities during the protocol development.


The Argentinian Livestock Protocol is being developed through the Reserve’s multi-stakeholder workgroup process. The Reserve strives to create a well-balanced workgroup consisting of industry representatives, project developers, environmental NGOs, verification bodies, independent consultants, academia, and government bodies. All workgroup meetings will be held in Spanish.

Workgroup members are listed below (alphabetical):

Bret Consultores
Displaced Carbon Committee – Government of Córdoba
HINS Energía
Ministry of Infrastructure and Public Services of Córdoba
Ministry of Bioagroindustry of Córdoba
National Technological University
National University of La Plata – Environmental Law Specialization
Secretariat for Energy Transition – Ministry of Infrastructure and Public Services of Córdoba
Secretary of Energy Planning
SEGAM – Responsabilidad Ambiental
Secretary of Livestock of Córdoba
Subsecretary of the Nation’s Environment

Interested stakeholders that are not a part of the workgroup are encouraged to participate in the process as “observers.” Observers may attend workgroup meetings in listen-only mode, submit written comments on the draft methodology when it is available for public comment, and attend the public webinar(s) held during the public comment period.

Workgroup Meetings

Workgroup Meeting 3 (Spanish)
June 4, 2024

Workgroup Meeting 2 (Spanish)
May 7, 2024

Workgroup Meeting 1 (Spanish)
April 11, 2024

Kick-off Meeting

The Reserve held a kick-off meeting for the development of the Argentina Livestock Protocol on March 7, 2024.

Development Timeline

The following timeline will be updated as the protocol development process unfolds.

Protocol kickoff webinar March 7, 2024
Workgroup SOIs due March 15, 2024
Formation of workgroup March 2024
Reserve staff begins to draft protocol January 2024
First workgroup meeting April 11, 2024
Second workgroup meeting May 7, 2024
Third workgroup meeting – in person June 4, 2024
Public comment period Summer 2024
Protocol presented to Reserve Board for approval October 4, 2024

Funding and Technical Support

Partial funding and technical support for the development of the Argentina Livestock Protocol was provided by MexiCO2 and the Province of Córdoba.