Submit and Register a Project

Project developers can submit a project by uploading the necessary forms and supporting documents to the Reserve. The Reserve Administrator will pre-screen projects for eligibility. Eligible projects will be listed on the Reserve as “works in progress.” Once listed, all project submission forms and their supporting documents will be publicly available and project developers can begin project activities that will undergo verification at regular intervals.

Once verified, projects and their resulting carbon reductions will be registered as CRTs (Climate Reserve Tonnes) or ROCs (Registry Offset Credits). Registered tonnes will be serialized and available for movement between accounts.

Eligibility: Review the appropriate protocols to determine your project’s eligibility.

Prior to Submitting a Project

  1. Open an account on the Reserve

Submitting a Project

  1. Create a new project in the Reserve system:
  2. Pay the submission fee for your project
    • The system will invoice you once your documents have been uploaded and the project has been submitted
  3. Your submitted project will be:
    • listed,
    • returned to you for revisions, or
    • denied

Managing a Listed Project

  1. Conduct project activities
  2. Select a verification body, who will submit the conflict of interest form
  3. Carry out verification
  4. Submit verified project documents; verification body submits opinion online
    • Project documents and verification body opinion will be reviewed and either approved or returned for revisions

Registering a Project

  1. Once the project verification is approved, pay the issuance fee of $0.19/CRT or ROC
  2. Once payment is received, the CRTs or ROCs will be created and automatically deposited into your account
  3. Trade or retire* CRTs/ Transfer ROCs to CARB for issuance as compliance credits

*CRTs can be retired for no additional fee