Map of Projects

Map updated in May 2023.

The Reserve Offset Projects Map provides an easily accessible visual of project locations and basic information. The map also identifies project status as being registered as a compliance project under California’s Cap-and-Trade Program or submitted as a voluntary project with the Climate Action Reserve Offset Program. The map includes projects that have the status of Listed, Registered or Completed.

User Tips:

  • For best results, please view a larger map by clicking on the “View larger map” option on the bottom left corner.
  • Use the arrow button on the top left corner to open the Legend.
  • Map layers can be (de)activated by clicking on the checkbox on the left of the layer’s name.
  • Click the drop-down arrow of each active layer to view the map legend.
  • Zoom, point, and click on a project icon to view a pop-up window with project information, including the project’s web page on the Reserve’s Project Registry. The project web page includes links to project documentation.


Map of Reserve activities