Steven Corneli and Tim Profeta elected to Climate Action Reserve Board of Directors

July 6, 2009

Corneli and Profeta provide wealth of climate change experience from academic and business perspectives

SACRAMENTO, CA – The Climate Action Reserve, a nonprofit organization working to ensure environmental benefit, integrity and progressive movement in greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions reductions and policies, today announced Steven Corneli, Senior Vice President of Market and Climate Policy at NRG Energy, and Tim Profeta, Director of the Nicholas Institute for Environmental Policy Solutions and Senior Associate Dean at Duke University, have joined the prominent climate leaders on the Reserve’s Board of Directors. The addition of Steven’s energy experience and Tim’s academic thought-leadership bring new perspectives to further diversify the environmental, finance and industry representation on the Reserve’s Board.

“As the implications of climate change are felt by communities and industries throughout North America, the Reserve is advancing climate solutions with an expanded Board that reflects the continent’s geographic diversity and varied perspectives,” said Linda Adams, Secretary of California EPA and Chair of the Climate Action Reserve. “I am confident Steve and Tim’s insight and expertise will greatly enrich the Board’s ability to guide the Climate Action Reserve as it produces regulatory-quality guidelines to ensure transparency and credibility in the development and verification of GHG emissions offset projects.”

Steven Corneli brings an extensive history of energy and climate policy experience to the Reserve. As NRG Energy’s Senior Vice President of Market and Climate Policy, he is responsible for developing and advancing the company’s positions on climate change policy and integrating emerging climate policies with NRG’s commercial, power development, and energy market activities. As a nationally recognized leader in energy policy, Steven has effectively built coalitions to design, strategize and advocate for climate policy legislation while driving NRG Energy to adopt a comprehensive and profitable plan for decarbonizing its portfolio.

“As the U.S. moves to develop and implement an integrated national approach to address global warming, the availability of high quality offsets will be crucial to environmental and economic sustainability,” said Steve. “As a leading developer of standards to assure both the quality and commercial viability of offsets, the Climate Action Reserve has an important role to play in the transition from regional and voluntary emission reduction efforts to a unified market-based national policy. I am excited by the opportunity to participate with the Climate Action Reserve during this important transition.”

Tim Profeta offers an academic perspective to the Reserve Board with his exceptional and distinguished career in environmental policy research and advocacy. As the Director of the Nicholas Institute for Environmental Policy Solutions at Duke University, he addresses the world’s most pressing environmental problems through scientifically grounded nonpartisan research, analysis and education. Tim leads the Institute’s efforts to develop innovative, practical and effective solutions to share with decision makers in the public and private sectors. Prior to the Institute, Tim served as Counsel for the Environment to Senator Joseph Lieberman and while in this position was the principal architect of the Lieberman-McCain Climate Stewardship Act of 2003.

“There has never been a more pivotal moment than ours in the history of climate change. And the role of offsets — for both environmental protection and economic protection — has only grown more critical to the emergence of a federal policy in the U.S. The Climate Action Reserve is helping us build an offsets regime that we can have confidence in and that will serve these twin goals. I am delighted to take on this role with the organization,” said Tim.

The Climate Action Reserve Board of Directors reflects the diverse interests in the carbon market and includes distinguished leaders in finance, industry, environmental policy and now academia. The varied representation throughout sectors ensures that the Reserve’s programs benefit from widespread expertise. In addition to Steve and Tim, Chair Linda Adams is supported on the Board by:

  • Randy Armstrong, Environmental Issues Director for Shell Oil Company
  • Kathleen Brown, Head of Public Finance for the West, Goldman Sachs & Co
  • Jeffrey Kightlinger, General Manager, Metropolitan Water District of Southern CA
  • Dr. Adrían Fernández Bremauntz, President, National Institute of Ecology, Mexico
  • Peter Liu, Founder & Vice Chairman, New Resource Bank
  • Nancy McFadden, Senior Vice President of Public Affairs, PG&E Corporation
  • Peter M. Miller, Senior Scientist, Natural Resources Defense Council
  • Fabian Nuñez, Former Speaker Emeritus, California State Assembly
  • Jan Schori, General Manager, Sacramento Municipal Utility District
  • Carl Zichella, Regional Director, Sierra Club

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