Panama Forest Protocol

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The Panama Forest Protocol provides standardized guidance for carbon enhancement projects and addresses eligibility, baseline, inventory, permanence, social and environmental safeguards, and measurement, reporting and verification (MRV) requirements.

Current Protocol Version(s) Available for Project Submittal Adoption Date Notes
Panama Forest Protocol Version 1.0 (English | Spanish) January 24, 2024 Available for project submission

Protocol Supporting Documents

The documents and tools below are companions to the protocol and must be used for project development and verification oversight.

Document/Tool Description Project/Protocol Version Relevance
Carbon Monitoring Worksheet The Carbon Monitoring Worksheet is the basis for reporting live and dead standing wood carbon information associated with the project baseline and activity, confidence level of the sampled inventory and adjustments for uncertainty in project carbon stocks, and the contribution to the Assurance Fund. It can be used by the Forest Owner and submitted to the Reserve annually. Version 1.0
Cost Benefit Analysis Tool The Cost Benefit Analysis Tool is provided to facilitate the analysis of the anticipated costs and benefits of a forestry project. The calculation of credits and potential benefits are estimates based on the entered project data and default values, the Reserve does not guarantee they will be the final project values. Version 1.0
Restoration Activities Performance Standard Test Tool Required for Restoration Activity Areas to demonstrate compliance with the Performance Standard Test. Version 1.0
Sequential Sampling Workbook Required for all site visit verifications for Activity Areas that use the field sampling inventory methodology. Version 1.0

Project Registration Documents

Document Description Required Phase Privilege
Panama Forest Project Submittal Form A proposal to undertake a Panama forest project. Project Submittal Public

Protocol Development & Previous Versions

Use the links below to access information about the original protocol development process and view previous versions of the Panama Forest Protocol. Public comments, staff responses to public comments, workgroup participants, and other supporting documents can also be found here.

Please contact the Reserve with questions or comments.