Verification Documents and Reference

All Verification Bodies under the Climate Action Reserve are required to submit the following documents for each verification period:

  • NOTIFICATION OF VERIFICATION ACTIVITIES AND CONFLICT OF INTEREST (NOVA/COI) FORM (PRIVATE DOCUMENT) – This document details the relationship between the project developer and the Verification Body. Before signing a contract with an individual project developer, a Verification Body must outline the scope of the planned verification activities and evaluate the potential for a conflict of interest (COI) with the project developer by submitting this form 10 business days prior to the start of verification. For more information on COI, please review the Reserve’s Verification Program Manual. If the risk for COI is determined to be medium or high, the verifier must submit a COI Mitigation Plan (Appendix B).
  • VERIFICATION REPORT (PUBLIC DOCUMENT) – This report must contain a summary of verification activities, a list of the GHG emissions sources identified within the project boundary, a description of the sampling techniques, and a risk assessment of the processes and reported results. The risk assessment forms the basis of the verification statement.
  • LIST OF FINDINGS (PRIVATE DOCUMENT) – This document accompanies the verification report and must contain all material and immaterial findings identified during verification activities, any recommended corrective actions, and resolutions to material issues. The List of Findings is shared only with the project developer and the Reserve.
  • VERIFICATION STATEMENT (PUBLIC DOCUMENT) – This document officially confirms the reported GHG emission reductions/removals and the verification standard.

In addition, each Verification Body must annually submit a Verification Policies Acknowledgement and Agreement form  to the Reserve Administrator at [email protected]. This form must be updated to reflect any substantial personnel changes. The Verification Policies Acknowledgement and Agreement form ensures that personnel performing verification activities are notified to the Climate Action Reserve and are aware of the roles and responsibilities under the program. All personnel undertaking verification activities must be listed on this form as designated staff and the form must be signed by a duly authorized representative of the Verification Body. To list additional staff, please use the Verification Staff Reporting Form Extra Tables.

Supplementary Documents

How the Reserve Addresses Conflict of Interest
COI Mitigation Plan
ANSI Scoping Policy GHG-PR-706 Sector-Specific Group Accreditations