U.S. Low-Carbon Cement Protocol

The U.S. Low-Carbon Cement Protocol provides guidance on how to quantify, monitor, report, and verify emission reductions associated with the use of supplementary or alternative cementitious materials instead of portland cement. 

Current Protocol Version(s) Available for Project Submittal Adoption Date Notes and Supporting Documents
U.S. Low-Carbon Cement Protocol Version 1.0 October 4, 2023 Low-Carbon Cement Protocol V1.0 Summary

Project Registration Documents

Document Description Required Phase Privilege
Low-Carbon Cement Submittal Form A proposal to undertake a low-carbon cement project. Project Submittal Public
Project Diagram Diagram of the facility showing where the project is located within the manufacturing plant. Project Submittal Private
Low-Carbon Cement Project Data Report The purpose of this document is to assist project developers in identifying high areas of risk, highlight important aspects of the Low-Carbon Cement Protocol, and facilitate verification.

To request a copy, please send an email to [email protected] and indicate your Reserve Project ID number and dates of the current reporting period.

Verification Private
Low-Carbon Cement Monitoring Plan The Monitoring Plan serves as the basis for verification bodies to confirm that the monitoring and reporting requirements in Section 6 and Section 7 have been met, and that consistent, rigorous monitoring and record keeping is ongoing at the project site. Verification Public
Attestation of SCM/ACM Use Document that provides assurances that the SCM/ACM is being purchased instead of portland cement, the product meets quality standards and ownership of emission reduction rights is understood. Verification Public

Protocol Development

The protocol development process for the Low-Carbon Cement Protocol Development involved a multi-stakeholder workgroup, public comment period, and responses to public comments. For more information, please visit:

Please contact [email protected] with questions or comments.