Program-wide Project Forms

The following tables show the documents that are required for each account holder and project, what account or project phase the document pertains to, and if the document is available for public review. Please use the menu immediately below to sort the documents by project type. For CA Compliance Offset Program documents, click here.

All Projects

Document Description Project / Account Phase Privilege
Account Holder Project Transfer Form

 Formato de Transferencia de Proyecto entre Titulares de Cuenta

Formato de Transferencia de Agregados entre Titulares de Cuenta

This form is required for project transfers between Account Holders.


Este formato es necesario para las transferencias de proyectos entre titulares de cuentas.


Este formato es necesario para las transferencias de agregados entre titulares de cuentas.











Attestation of Title A statement that the project developer has title to the project reductions. The entity that has signed this form should be the account holder on the Reserve. Verification Public
Attestation of Regulatory Compliance This form attests to the project’s compliance status throughout the verification period. The form identifies specific dates during the verification period over which the project was in material compliance with all laws. In addition, the form confirms that the project developer has disclosed to their verification body in writing any and all instances of non-compliance of the project with any law. Verification Public
Attestation of Voluntary Implementation This form confirms that the project was implemented and established voluntarily and continues to operate as such. The project developer further attests that at no time was the project required to be enacted by any law, statute, rule, regulation or other legally binding mandate by any federal, state, local or foreign governmental or regulatory agency having jurisdiction over the project. Verification Public
Consent to Release Early Action Offset Credit Holding Information This form allows Early Action Offset Credit holders to opt in to release their contact information to designated parties. The Reserve will release contact information only and not specify the quantity of EAOC holdings. General Private
Designation of Authority Form This form allows an account holder agent to obtain information about an account that they do not hold. This form is signed by both the account holder and account holder agent. Account Approval / Otherwise Requested Private
Extraordinary Circumstances Request Form

Formato de Solicitud de Circunstancias Extraordinarias

This form is to be used in the event that a situation beyond the Climate Action Reserve’s control affects a project’s ability to meet project deadlines or verification standards. Following IAF’s definition, extraordinary events or circumstances are also known as “Force Majeure” or “acts of God”, and examples may include war, strike, pandemic, flooding, earthquake, other natural disasters, or man-made disasters.

Se debe usar este formato de solicitud en caso de que una situación fuera de control de la Reserva de Acción Climática (la Reserva) afecte la capacidad de un proyecto a cumplir plazos o estándares de verificación. Según la definición del IAF, casos o circunstancias extraordinarias, conocidos también como fuerzas mayores, incluyen guerra, huelga, pandemia, inundación, terremoto, u otros desastres naturales y causados por el hombre.

Project Submittal/Verification Private
Request for Early Action Offset Credit Holder Information Form This form is required when a verification body wishes to receive a list of parties that hold greater than 30 percent of CRTs from an early action offset project. Only ARB-approved verification bodies performing regulatory verification for an early action offset projects will be given access to this information as it pertains to section 95990 of the Cap and Trade regulation. Prior to Verification Private
Notification of Verification Activity & Conflict of Interest (NOVA/COI) Form

Formato de Notificación de Actividades de Verificación y Evaluación de Conflicto de Interés (NOVA/COI)

A form detailing the scope and plan for verification activities and the relationship between a verification body and project developer, in order for the Reserve to determine conflict of interest.

Formato que detalla la escala y plan de las actividades de verificación y la relación entre el órgano de verificación y el Desarrollador del Proyecto, para que la Reserva determine si existe un conflicto de interés.

Prior to Verification
Antes de la Verificación
Project Verification Deadline Extension Form to request a project registration extension. Verification Public
Registry Project Transfer Attestation Form This form is only required if the project has previously registered reductions with another registry or similar system. Project Submittal Public
Regulated Person Attestation This form is required for Trader/Broker/Retailer account holders who are holding credits on behalf of a third party. Account Approval / Otherwise Requested Private
Request for Project Variance Form to request a variance on monitoring or calculation methods of a specific project. Project Submittal Private
SDG Reporting Tool Climate Action Reserve projects that wish to report their alignment with the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals, or achievement of other co-benefits, must complete this tool and submit it in the registry. Project Submittal/Verification Public
Verification Statement The official confirmation and final statement of findings, detailing the number of CRTs issued, the vintages (if more than one) and the standard used to verify CRTs. Verification Public
Verification Policies Acknowledgment, Agreement, and Verification Staff Reporting Form Verification bodies must have a duly authorized representative of its organization sign and submit the legally binding form to the Reserve in order to be eligible to conduct verification activities under the Reserve program. The purpose of this required agreement between the Reserve and its verification bodies is to ensure that personnel performing verification activities are aware of their roles, responsibilities, and obligations under the program. This includes an attachment of a Verification Staff Reporting Form with a roster of all staff members who will be designated verifiers and serve as key personnel on Reserve projects. This form must be updated annually. General Private
Verification Staff Reporting Form Extra Tables If there is not enough room in the Verification Policies Acknowledgment, Agreement, and Verification Staff Reporting Form to list all staff that will participate in verification activities, please use the additional tables in this document and submit them along with the original form. General Private
Zero-Credit Reporting Period Election Form A form that must be signed and submitted by the project developer when electing to take a zero-credit reporting period. See section 3.4.7 of the Reserve Program Manual for more information. Verification Public

Please visit the relevant Offset Protocols and Documents webpage for project-specific registration documents.