General Project Verification

March 22, 2010

Event Name: General Project Verification (Verification Training Event)
Location: Online
Date/Time: March 30, 2010 10:00-3:00PM
Price: $600.00

This course is a mandatory training for new Lead Verifiers within approved verification bodies. The training addresses the programmatic requirements under the Reserve and provides a briefing on the Reserve Program Manual and Reserve Verification Program Manual. This training will cover the program rules and procedures, GHG accounting guidelines, requirements to perform verification activities under the Reserve, and provide an overview of the project verification activities.

Overall, this training will cover the reporting and verification process, and provide training on how to use the Reserve software. This course will prepare verifiers to act under our program and ultimately be able to verify projects submitted under the Climate Action Reserve. Please note that in addition to this general training, Lead Verifiers must also be trained to verify under each individual project type.

This course requires active webinar participation, a completed homework assignment, and concludes with a combination multiple choice and essay test exam. Verifiers must achieve 70% or higher in their overall course grade to receive a Certificate of Completion and be deemed a Lead Verifier under the Climate Action Reserve.

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