Kristen Gorguinpour, carbon industry veteran and offset expert, re-joins Climate Action Reserve team

August 9, 2021


Kristen Gorguinpour assumes VP of Programs role to oversee the environmental nonprofit’s rigorous voluntary and compliance offset work

LOS ANGELES, CA–The Climate Action Reserve is excited to welcome carbon industry veteran and offset expert Kristen Gorguinpour back to its senior management team as Vice President of Programs. In this role, Kristen will be overseeing the management and operations of the Reserve’s voluntary and compliance offset work, its new, innovative programs like Climate Forward and supporting the strategic expansion of the Reserve’s mission as global carbon markets grow.

“We are honored and thrilled to have Kristen returning to the Climate Action Reserve to play an integral role in leading our team and supporting the organization’s mission. She was instrumental in developing the Reserve’s offset program in its formative days and led the Reserve team that started work under California’s Cap-and-Trade Program,” said Craig Ebert, President of the Climate Action Reserve. “We are about to enter a phase of unprecedented growth and interest in the global carbon market, and to actually address climate change, it’s imperative that the market only work with high quality, transparent, rigorous standards. Kristen was integral in originally establishing the Reserve’s high quality standards and collaborating with our partners, project developers and regulatory staff. I can’t think of a stronger, more experienced individual to join our team at this critical time.”

Kristen joined the Climate Action Reserve in March 2008 and developed a deep understanding of the Reserve program and policies having served as the Reserve Administrator and progressing to become Program Director. As Program Director, Kristen led the operation of the Reserve program, including management of the program registry and accreditation process for verification bodies. During this time at the Reserve, she also worked closely on the
organization’s Forest Project Protocol and projects submitted under it and gained deep knowledge of the protocol and forestry projects.

“Since its inception, the Climate Action Reserve has set the bar for rigorous, transparent standards and it has remained vocal about the necessity for integrity. It’s wonderful to return to this pioneering organization at a time when there is tremendous opportunity to address the climate crisis through high-quality emissions reductions. As I’ve continued working with California’s Cap-and-Trade Program over the years, I’ve been proud of the support and work the Reserve provided, and I’m looking forward to working with a stellar team to carryon that level of integrity and high quality to other global markets,” said Kristen.

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