Check out our Upcoming Verification Training Schedule

Updated February 15, 2024

Please note: dates are tentative and subject to Board approval of the protocol and verifier demand.

Training Dates
General Verification Training (in Spanish)/ Capacitación General para la Verificación a proyectos de la Reserva (es español) November 16, 2023
General Verification Training May 21, 2024
Industrial Processes and Gases
U.S. Low-Carbon Cement December 12, 2023 & Summer 2024
China Adipic Acid Production July 2024
Natural Climate Solutions
Mexico Forest (in Spanish)/ Capacitación para Verificadores de Protocolo Forestal para México (es español) November 29 – 30, 2023 & June 2024
U.S. Grasslands/Canada Grasslands January 10, 2024
U.S. & Canada Biochar April 30 – May 1, 2024 (pending Board approval of the protocol)
Guatemala Forest March 5 – 6, 2024
Panama Forest May 2024
U.S. Soil Enrichment Summer 2024 (pending protocol development timeline and Board approval of the updated protocol)
Waste Handling and Methane Destruction
U.S. Landfill May 2024
Mexico Landfill Summer 2024
Dominican Republic Livestock Summer 2024