Mexico Forest Protocol Revision

Version 3.0

The Mexico Forest Protocol update to Version 3.0 will include revision of mechanisms to comply with the permanence and additionality requirements, the application of stratification for forest inventories, modifications for mangrove ecosystems such as the inclusion of soil carbon, and social safeguards, among other topics.

Public Webinar

The Reserve hosted a public webinar on September 23, 2021 to kickoff the Mexico Forest Protocol V3.0 revision process.

Protocol Workgroup

The Mexico Forest Protocol will be developed through the Reserve’s multi-stakeholder workgroup process. The Reserve strives to create a well-balanced workgroup consisting of industry representatives, government, project developers, academia, verifiers, and environmental advocacy organizations across Mexico. Workgroup member organizations are listed below.

ANCE Northern Arizona University
Bioforestal Innovacion Sustentable SC Pronatura México A.C.
CANOPIA CARBON Secretaría del Medio Ambiente del Gobierno de la Ciudad de México
Consejo Civil Mexicano para la Silvicultura Sostenible Servicio y Consultoría Ambiental y Forestal S. de R.L. de C.V.
ECOACT / ATOS South Pole
Ejido Coltzingo The Earthlab SA DE CV
Forest Rangers Alliance A.C. Toroto*
Fundación San Crisanto Unidad de Conservación y Desarrollo Forestal Integral Topia, S.C.
GLZ Abogados Universidad Autónoma de Tamaulipas
ICICO World Resources Institute

* Provided partial funding to support protocol revision process.

Interested stakeholders not chosen to be part of the workgroup are welcome to participate in the process as “observers.” Observers may attend workgroup meetings in listen-only mode, comment on the draft protocol when it is released for public comment, and attend the public webinar held during the public comment period. Please email policy(at) if you wish to observe the workgroup process.

Workgroup Meetings

MFP V3.0 Workgroup Meeting: Additionality
Friday, December 10 | 10:00 am – 12:00 pm PT
Register here

MFP V3.0 Workgroup Meeting 4: Mangrove
December 2, 2021
Reserve presentation: Español
Meeting recording

MFP V3.0 Workgroup Meeting 3: Forest inventory
November 18, 2021
Reserve presentation
Meeting recording

MFP V3.0 Workgroup Meeting 2: Safeguards and eligibility
November 9, 2021
Reserve presentation
Meeting recording

MFP V3.0 Subcommittee Meeting: Permanence – Legal instruments
November 4, 2021
Meeting recording

MFP V3.0 Workgroup Meeting 1: Permanence
October 28, 2021
Reserve presentation
Meeting recording

Development Timeline

The following timeline will be updated as the protocol development process unfolds.

Public webinar September 23, 2021
Workgroup Statement of Interest due September 30, 2021
Formation of workgroup September 2021
Workgroup meeting 1: Permanence October 28, 2021
Workgroup meeting 2: Safeguards and eligibility November 9, 2021
Workgroup meeting 3: Forest inventory November 18, 2021
Workgroup meeting 4: Considerations for mangrove and rainforest soil carbon November 30, 2021
Workgroup meeting 5: Additionality December 7, 2021
Protocol drafting December 2021 – February 2022
Public comment period March 2022
Protocol presented to Reserve Board for approval June 2022


Please contact policy(at) with questions or comments.