U.S. Landfill Protocol Development

Version 5.0

The Reserve Board approved the U.S. Landfill Protocol Version 5.0 on April 24, 2019. Significant revisions include an updated performance standard test, project definition, and crediting period and verification options. Please see the summary of changes document for a comprehensive list of all proposed revisions.

Public Webinar

The Reserve hosted a public webinar to discuss the revisions to the Landfill Protocol on February 27, 2019. The webinar recording and presentation slides are available below.

Public Comments

The Reserve received one set of public comments and responded to all comments, see documents below.

Version 5.0 Workgroup Participants

The protocol was revised through the Reserve’s multi-stakeholder workgroup process. The workgroup consisted of representatives from the organizations listed below.

Adam Penque Centrica Business Solutions
Andrew Sheppard US EPA
Barbara Tool O’Neil
Brian KillKelley NativeEnergy
Jason Clarke GHD
Jason Hoyle Appalacian State University
John McDougal Element Markets
Nick Facciola 3Degrees Group, Inc
Patrick Sullivan SCS Engineers
Rachel Oster Diversion Strategies

Workgroup Meetings

Workgroup Meeting 2
January 16, 2019

Workgroup Meeting 1
November 15, 2018

Public Scoping Webinar

The Reserve hosted a public webinar on October 10, 2018 to discuss a number of specific potential update ideas, and to solicit information and feedback from interested stakeholders. Please see the presentation slides and meeting video below.

Version 4.0 Performance Standard Analysis

In June 2011 the U.S. Landfill Protocol Version 4.0 was adopted by the Reserve Board. Among the revisions was a new size threshold component of the performance standard defining the eligibility of landfill-gas-to-energy projects. This size threshold was based on data from the U.S. EPA’s Landfill Methane Outreach Program (LMOP), which is periodically updated. The Board instructed the Reserve to explore revising the analysis supporting the size threshold when updated LMOP data became available or using an alternate dataset, such as data from the EPA Mandatory GHG Reporting Program. The Reserve analyzed both of these options, and determined that the best available data continue to support the existing size threshold. See the memo below for more information.

Version 4.0

The U.S. Landfill Protocol Version 4.0 was adopted by the Reserve Board in June 2011. This protocol revision includes a new size threshold for the eligibility of landfill-gas-to-energy projects, an option for a second crediting period, clarifies terms in the quantification methodology, and improves guidance for monitoring and QA/QC. Please review the summary document below for a complete list of revisions.

Public Comments

The Reserve held a 30-day public comment period for written comments on the draft Landfill Protocol Version 4.0. The comment period ended on June 3, 2011 and public comments are available below.

Advanced Systems, Inc. NSF International Strategic Registrations
Appalachian Energy Center PPL Renewable Energy
Black Warrior Solid Waste Disposal Authority Richardson Smith Gardner & Associates
Blue Source et al.* Rosen Harwood Attorneys at Law**
Carolan Associates Sage Metering, Inc.
Coffee County, Alabama Science Applications International Corporation
DTE Biomass Energy Sustainable Energy Solutions LLC
Element Markets and Veolia Environmental Services: North America TerraPass Inc.
Law Offices of Jeremy D. Weinstein Verdeo, A Sindicatum Carbon Capital Company

* The public comment submitted by Blue Source was on behalf of Montauk Energy, CommonWealth, Clean Energy, SunOne Solutions, Interstates, SES LLC, LFG Technologies, DNV, Cambrian Energy, Berkeley County Water & Sanitation, Athens-Clarke County (Georgia), Decatur County (Georgia), Appalachian Energy, CE2 Capital Partners, Environmental Capital, Energyneering Solutions Inc, Verdeo Partners, C2I Methane Partners, Granger, GT Environmental Finance LLC, Crosswired LLC, and Green Energy Advantage LLC.

** The public comment submitted by Rosen Harwood Attorneys at Law was on behalf of Black Warrior Solid Waste Disposal Authority and Coffee County, Alabama.

Version 3.0

The Landfill Protocol Version 3.0 was completed and adopted by the Reserve Board in December 2009. This protocol policy revision establishes new eligibility standards and requirements for landfill projects and clarifies quantification methodologies, among other things. Please review the summary document below for the notable changes that affect landfill gas capture and destruction projects

Landfill Protocol Summary of Changes from Version 2.1 to Version 3.0

Public Comments

Sage Metering
Solid Waste Industry for Climate Solutions 1
Solid Waste Industry for Climate Solutions 2

Staff Response to Public Comments, Version 3.0(November 2009)

Version 2.1

The Landfill Protocol Version 2.1 was finalized and made available to the public in October 2009. This protocol revision involved minor editorial changes and improvements to calculation and monitoring methodologies; the revision does not affect eligibility criteria for landfill projects. Notable changes from Version 2.0 include:

  • Inclusion of methodology for calculating baseline emissions from non-qualifying devices
  • Update of the NMOC threshold
  • New data substitution and missed calibration methodology
  • Clarification on meter calibration requirements

Landfill Protocol Summary of Changes from Version 2.0 to 2.1

Public Comments

Greenhouse Gas Services Element Markets

Staff Response to Public Comments, Version 2.1 (October 2009)

Version 2.0

The Landfill Protocol Version 2.0 was completed by the Reserve in November 2008. As it was a policy revision, there was a public comment period and the protocol revision was sent to the Reserve Board for approval. Notable changes include:

  • Update of the non-methane organic compounds (NMOC) threshold analysis
  • Allowance for open flares to be used as a methane destruction device
  • Format adjustments to the emission reductions quantification methodologies

Landfill Protocol Summary of Changes from Version 1.0 to 2.0

Public Comments

Dave Armstrong, Engineer SWICS Comments 1
Blue Source SWICS Comments 2
DTE Biomass Energy TerraPass Inc.
EcoSecurities Zeroemissions Technologies
SCS Engineers

Staff Response to Public Comments, Version 2.0 (November 2008)

Version 1.0

The Reserve began development of the Landfill Protocol in July 2007. The technical workgroup met from July to October during which time drafts of the protocol were made available for public comment. A public workshop was co-hosted by California Air Resources Board and California Integrated Waste Management Board in November 2007 to discuss the public comments received on the draft protocol and to encourage further public feedback. Staff made final revisions to the protocol in November and the Reserve Board adopted the protocol on November 29, 2007.

Public Comments

California Integrated Waste Management Board MidAmerican Energy Holdings Company
Cameron-Cole Rural Counties Environmental Services Joint Powers Authority (ESJPA)
City of Sacramento Solid Waste Industry for Climate Solutions
Covanta Energy StopWaste.Org
Environmental Defense TerraPass
ICLEI- Local Governments for Sustainability
San Francisco Department of the Environment, Marin County Board of Supervisors, and
City of Santa Monica Environmental Programs Division

Staff Response to Public Comments, Version 1.0 (November 2007)

Version 1.0 Workgroup Participants

CIWMB NorCal Waste
BAAQMD Pace Global
Californians Against Waste RC – ESJPA
Covanta Energy Sacramento County
City of Palo Alto U.S. EPA
CRRC/Edgar & Associates, Inc SCS Engineers
EcoSecurities Veolia
Environmental Defense Waste Connections, Inc.
ERM Waste Management

Please contact the Reserve with questions or comments.