Program Manuals and Policies

Program Manual

The Climate Action Reserve Program Manual summarizes the Reserve’s overarching principles, its general project accounting guidelines, and its rules and procedures for registering projects and creating offset credits. It also describes the process used by the Reserve to develop protocols for carbon offset projects.

Policy Memos

The Reserve may release policy memos that update or replace guidance in the Program Manual, protocols, and other guidance documents. These memos are considered effective on the date they are posted on the Reserve website. All account holders and verification bodies will be notified if a policy memo is released.

Verification Program Manual

The Reserve Verification Program Manual provides verification bodies with a standardized approach for the independent and rigorous verification of GHG emission reductions and removals. It gives insight into the verification process, the requirements for conducting verification (like accreditation and training), conflict of interest and confidentiality provisions, and the expected core verification activities.

Revised Verification Manual Available for Public Comment

The Reserve has released a revised version of the Verification Program Manual for public review and comment. Significant proposed updates to the manual include training requirements, site visit frequency, and verification body accreditation, all of which are detailed in the Summary of Changes below. Please submit comments or questions via email to by 6:00 pm Pacific Time on Wednesday, November 30, 2016.

Current Verification Program Manual