Connect with a Verification Body

The verification bodies listed below are accredited by ANSI and qualified to provide verification services for voluntary and early action projects under the Reserve’s program. Once a verification body has both completed the training requirements AND achieved its ISO 14065: 2007, ISO 14064-3: 2006, and IAF MD 6: 2009 accreditation, it may advertise that it is “recognized and qualified as a verification body for the Climate Action Reserve.” The list of ANSI-accredited Verification Bodies is available on ANSI’s website.

Projects undergoing verification for ARB offset credits: Offset Project Operators must employ verification bodies that have been accredited by ARB in order to be issued offset credits under an ARB Compliance Offset Protocol. Early action projects hoping to transition credits to the Compliance Offset Program must undergo a subsequent regulatory verification of Early Action Offset Credits (EAOCs) by an ARB-accredited verifier as well. Please consult the ARB website for the list of accredited offset verifiers and verification bodies.

Verification bodies that are currently undergoing the ANSI accreditation process and have not yet completed the process are allowed to perform verification activities for Reserve projects if they have already met the training requirements. However, CRTs will not be issued to those projects until the verification body has received its formal accreditation. The verification body should notify the project developer of the circumstances surrounding its expected accreditation and this should be addressed in its verification contract.

If a verification body is having trouble locating a client for an ANSI witness assessment, it should notify the Reserve staff at (213) 891-1444 ext.2 or

Note that verification bodies must have two or more lead verifiers trained on each project type for which they wish to perform verifications. Verification bodies interested in subcontracting verifiers may refer to the list of individual verifiers who have passed our project protocol-specific trainings. Note that the subcontracted verifier(s) must be identified on the Verification Policies Acknowledgement, Agreement, and Verification Staff Reporting Form and the NOVA/COI form. These verification body forms can be found on our Program and Project Documents page.


Verification Body Mailing Address Contact Type
Asociación de Normalización y Certificación, A.C.
Av. Lázaro Cárdenas 869, Nueva Industrial Vallejo, Ciudad de México, C.P. 07700, México Alberto J. Ramírez Reyes
+52 (55) 5747-4550 Ext. 4725
Environmental Services, Inc.
3800 Clermont Street NW,
North Lawrence, OH 44666
Janice McMahon
(330) 833-9941
(F) (UF) (RC) (NM) (G)
First Environment, Inc.
91 Fulton Street
Boonton, NJ 07005
Michael Carim
(626) 529-3089
(LV) (LF) (CMM) (ODS) (OWC)
NSF International
Southern California Sales Office
9191 Towne Centre Drive Suite 510
San Diego, CA 92122
Daniel Freeman
(734) 214-6228
(LV) (LF) (ODS) (N2O)
Ruby Canyon Engineering
743 Horizon Court Suite 385
Grand Junction, CO 81506
Michael Cote
(970) 241-9298
(CMM) (F) (LV) (LF) (N2O) (ODS) (OWC) (OWD) (NM) (UF)
S&A Carbon, LLC
705 SE 55th Ave
Portland, OR 97215
Kyle Silon
(971) 235-7835
SCS Global Services
2000 Powell Street, Suite 2000
Emeryville, CA 94608
Tiffany Mayville
(510) 452-6815
(F) (UF) (LF) (G)


Project Type Abbreviation
Coal Mine Methane CMM
Forest F
Mexico Forest MF
Grassland G
U.S. and Mexico Landfill LF
U.S. and Mexico Livestock LV
Nitrogen Management NM
Nitric Acid Production N2O
Ozone Depleting Substances ODS
Organic Waste Composting OWC
Organic Waste Digestion OWD
Rice Cultivation RC
Urban Forest UF