We’ve achieved over 40 million metric tons of GHG emissions reductions!

October 22, 2013

We recently reached the milestone of issuing over 40 million Climate Reserve Tonnes! Learn more about the significance of reducing 40 million metric tons of GHGs and the project types that led to the achievement.




  • Nancy Budge says:

    Great poster. As a follow-up, I was wondering if you have any information on the amount of investment this represents – I would like to be able to also show that, because of the Reserve, $X million have been invested in the reduction of GHGs – would be a good companion to the map which shows the dots with all the projects. Any information you have on this, such as average investment by project type and # of projects in each project category, would be helpful. thanks.

  • Sarah Stanner-Cranston says:

    Amazing milestone, Reserve. Great to see all the hard work is paying off. Watching you all from across the globe.

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