10 ideas to green your Valentine’s/President’s Day weekend

February 13, 2015

Here’s some of the ways we’ll be staying green this Valentine’s/President’s Day weekend. Please feel free to share your green tips and eco-friendly weekend plans in the comments section below. Thanks!



1. Skip the balloons and store-bought card, and make a homemade valentines card out of recycled paper and craft supplies, or send an e-card

tandem bike

Photo credit: FaceMePLS via flickr

2. Go on a tandem bike ride!


Photo credit: randychiu via flickr

3.  Take public transportation to your dinner date


Photo credit: craigles75 via flickr

4. Compost flowers after they’ve outlived their life in a vase – or better yet, gift plants or succulents that will last


Photo credit: Rhey Lee

5. Feast on local eats purchased from the farmers market


Photo credit: Equal Exchange

6. Enjoy fair trade, organic chocolate that support sustainable agriculture and worker health and rights


Photo credit: Max DuBuisson

7. Take your growler to get refilled rather than buying another 6 or 12 pack of bottles


Photo credit: Orin Zebest via flickr

8. Find a super unique gift or super fun dress up outfit at the thrift store

reclaimed wood

Photo credit: Paul Sableman via flickr

9. Do a DIY project w/reclaimed wood – lots of instructions on the internet


Photo credit: Frank Hebbert via flickr

10. Bring your own glasses, plates and silverware on a picnic date to save on paper and plastic waste