Fee Structure

Account Setup Fee $500
Account Re-activation Fee $500
Account Maintenance Fee (annual) $500
Project Submittal Fee under an ARB Compliance Offset Protocol (per project) $700
Project Submittal Fee under a Reserve Project Protocol (per project) $500
Project Variance Review Fee (per request) $1,350
Offset Credit Issuance Fee (per offset credit issued) $0.22
Account Transfer Fee (per offset credit transferred between account holders or offset credit transitioned into ARB Offset Credits, paid by transferor) $0.03
Account Holder Project Transfer Fee (per project transferred between account holders, paid by transferee) $500
Retirement (per CRT retired) no charge

The above Fee Structure is a revised version that will become effective on December 1, 2014. Download the revised Fee Structure for more details.

The Reserve allows account holders to delay invoicing of the offset credit issuance fee for five months to allow for more flexibility in creating and managing costs associated with offset credit issuance. Please contact reserve@climateactionreserve.org with any questions on the process.

Please remit all payments to APX, Inc.
Instructions for payment are found within the Reserve Software’s “My Invoices” section.

Fees effective as of 03/01/2013